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Dr. Tobias Loose 

International Welding Engineer - IWE

Dr. Tobias Loose studied civil engineering with subject-specific specialization to become an international welding engineer.

Doctorate in the field of numerical welding simulation at the renowned University of Karlsruhe (TH) today KIT.

Dr. Tobias Loose is a renowned expert in the field of welding simulation since 2004.


After completing his doctorate in the field of welding simulation, he founded the engineering office Tobias Loose on 1.6.2007 - which still exists today.


The engineering office deals with the numerical simulation of thermally influenced manufacturing processes. In the years 2007 - 2010 Dr. Tobias Loose supervised and monitored the outstanding project of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the steel Rhine bridge Breisach, from planning to construction supervision.


He was the first pioneer and service provider to offer numerical analyses for joining processes to industry throughout Europe in 2008. His hobbyhorse was welding simulation and heat treatment simulation. At that time, Dr. Tobias Loose started to develop the software DynaWeld® as a tool specifically tailored for industry.


Since 2021 he has been developing FabWeld, this versatile software convinces with the finite element method for highest accuracy and a user-friendly interface.


FabWeld is used in the industrial sector, especially in the development departments of the automotive industry to model and calculate sophisticated welding simulations.


Dr. Tobias Loose has contributed to numerous conferences and meetings with papers on the methods, applications and benefits of welding simulation and heat treatment simulation.


In 2009, his contribution was awarded the Kenneth Easterling Best Paper Award.


His activities are accompanied by participation in the project committees of many research projects as well as conducting his own research.


With many years of experience in the field of welding, heat treatment and hot forming, in 2017 he founded as a partner DynaWeld GmbH & Co. KG.


With the foundation of Dr. Loose GmbH in 2021, Dr. Tobias Loose would like to offer his extensive expertise and in-depth experience to existing and new customers from the industry.



Dr.-Ing. Tobias Loose

Influence of the transient welding process

on distortion, residual stresses and

stability behavior of axially pressed

circular cylinder shells made of steel