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We are a strong partner for research and development.

Our numerous research projects under the leadership of

Dr. Tobias Loose are market decisive for method development

and innovation for simulation applications.

We attach great importance to the validation of developed methods and results.

Our numerous research projects on behalf of customers as well as publicly funded research projects in cooperation with renowned institutions and research facilities are crucial for the development of methods for simulation applications.

We focus on the development in the field of numerical simulation.

Our primary goal is to support the real process by simulation and to further develop it in an advanced way up to innovation. We attach great importance to the validation of developed methods and results.

We carry out for you

  • Research projects on behalf of customers

  • Participation in joint research projects

to extend and improve simulation methods using finite element analysis and related methods.

Welding simulation, hot forming, assembly, simulation application FabW
Welding simulation, Welding expert Dr.-Ing. Tobias Loose, Thermophysic
Calculation of heat input , welding distortion, welding

Current research projects


Forschungsvorhaben zur Entwicklung von Schädigungsmodellen für die Schweißsimulation

Completed Research Projects


Self-funded joint project with Goldak Technologies Inc. Ottawa, Canada and TIME - Technology Institute for Metal and Engineering, Wissen (Sieg).

Validation of weld structure simulation. Verification of the quality of the simulation results for welding distortion during the entire welding process.


Research project with the High Performance Computing Center (HLRS) of the University of Stuttgart to analyze the scalability and performance of welding simulation models on high-performance computing clusters.


A ZIM cooperative project on the numerical analysis of lens heating of optical laser systems and its effect on the lens focus (focus shift).


A ZIM cooperation project to simulate the thin-film welding of 15 - 100 µm thick stainless steel foils. With the aim of analyzing process stability.


Self-funded research project to validate the weld structure simulation to prove the quality of the simulation results for the calculated welding residual stresses.

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